Tadeusz Rudzik, I am the owner of a building plot in Bydgoszcz at 22 Strzegowska St. I am an economist, a graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdansk. I run an IT company.

My values

  • Trust for trust. I understand that it is not easy for everyone to open up, to share their own ideas. But thanks to the trust I receive from you, I bestow the same to you.
  • To give more. In life, I follow the principle of creating value and being useful.
  • Expect less. I expect only, or as much as, commitment and honesty from others.
  • Time is an important value. Time is a scarce good. It cannot be accumulated to be used later. The value I offer is my commitment.
  • A positive attitude. I try to convey positive emotions to you, the environment and surroundings through my attitude and behavior.
  • I relate to others with respect for respecting their knowledge, views, beliefs. I try to surround myself with people who share common values with me, while maintaining respect and diversity.
  • Both for the information and the trust received. I am responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information I receive from others.
  • Pass on. I believe that the knowledge and experience I have is there to make money by sharing it with others. By passing on knowledge I lose nothing, you can only gain.

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The Canal House
22 Strzegowska Street,
85-373 Bydgoszcz, Poland