House for rent in Bydgoszcz

House on lease for NATO employee - JFTC

House on lease for NATO employee - JFTC


Discover your modern oasis: your dream home awaits!

Welcome to the epitome of modern living - a detached home located in a quiet neighborhood. Picture this: your very own sanctuary, the last home on a secluded dead end street, where tranquility and privacy dance together in perfect harmony. Here, at the heart of comfort and convenience, lies the key to unlocking a life of tranquility and sophistication.

Unveiling a masterpiece:

Enter a world of architectural splendor - a modernist wonder meticulously designed for ultimate comfort and pleasure. As you approach, you will be captivated by its charm, with the entrance from the street welcoming you with open arms. This is no ordinary home; it is the embodiment of refined taste and contemporary luxury.

Tame the elements of nature:

Sunny mornings and enchanting sunsets await you! The garden and living room are strategically placed to the south and southwest, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of natural light as each day reveals new possibilities. Enjoy the picturesque views and revel in the tranquil atmosphere that permeates every inch of this modern home.

Space redefined:

With two carefully crafted floors, this detached home offers plenty of space to call your own. On the first floor you'll find a sunny living room of more than 40 sqm, where laughter and precious memories will flow effortlessly. But that's not all - ascend to the second floor, where five spacious bedrooms await, providing plenty of room for your loved ones or space for your passions to flourish. And with three bathrooms at your disposal, the morning rush will be a distant memory.

Terraces of Tranquility:

Immerse yourself in the luxury of not one, but three private terraces - a testament to the home's commitment to outdoor living. Sip your morning coffee on the first floor terrace adjacent to the living room, enjoy absolute privacy on the second floor terrace, hold intimate gatherings while admiring the sky from the roof terrace. The possibilities are as endless as the views from these private spaces.

A free-standing new home, a new beginning:

Be the first to call this immaculate property your home, as it is a beacon of freshness and newness. The workmanship and craftsmanship of the home guarantees a seamless living experience without worrying about early wear and tear. Move in with ease and embrace a vacant space where you can create memories for a lifetime.

Excellent location:

The charm of this house goes beyond its walls. Just a 10-minute drive, less than 5 km from the NATO unit in Bydgoszcz at 2 Szubinska Street, your daily commute will be child's play. Proximity to major amenities and excellent transportation ensure that convenience is never compromised.

Secure your modern marina:

Imagine yourself in this idyllic setting - where modern life meets peaceful seclusion. A modernist masterpiece beckons, ready to welcome you to a life of comfort, elegance and tranquility. Don't miss this chance to secure your dream home; a perfect rental that embodies the essence of a peaceful neighborhood and the charm of modern living.

Your oasis awaits - seize the opportunity to bask in the glow of your future home. Inquire now and elevate your lifestyle to a new level!


The Canal House
22 Strzegowska Street,
85-373 Bydgoszcz, Poland