House for rent in Bydgoszcz

House for rent close to JFTC

House for rent close to JFTC


Enjoy modern living: your rental home awaits

Every aspect of this modern home for rent in Bydgoszcz has been carefully designed to enhance the comfort of your life. Imagine waking up to the soft glow of morning light flooding the bedrooms, invigorating your senses and inspiring a sense of renewal. As you sip your morning coffee in the kitchen, the warm rays of the sun envelop you, inviting you to seize the day with unlimited energy.

More than just a space, the living room becomes a stage for laughter, celebration and heartfelt conversations. Whether hosting gatherings or simply relaxing with loved ones, this expansive haven will be the backdrop for treasured memories that will last a lifetime. And when you feel the call of fresh air, simply step out onto the terrace, where the gentle breeze of the nearby Bydgoszcz Canal and picturesque views of the surrounding trees create an atmosphere of tranquility.

Throughout the day, as you walk down the hallway, the house opens up like a treasure trove, revealing rooms with endless possibilities. The room spaces, bathed in natural light, offer freedom for the imagination - whether it's a cozy reading nook, an art studio, or a home gym that fuels well-being.

On the second floor, a personal retreat unfolds like a symphony of comfort. Bedrooms on with east-facing windows offer a sanctuary for quiet nights, while rooms with west-facing windows open up to the charm of the upstairs terrace - a place where star-watching and quiet contemplation become evening rituals.

House for rent for NATO employee - JFTC

But the real gem awaits on the rooftop, the rooftop terrace, a visionary escape that captures the essence of a life well lived. High above the daily hustle and bustle of the surrounding buildings, here you will find peace and inspiration. As the sun sets, casting a golden glow over the landscape, the panorama of green oases and enchanting vistas becomes a private sanctuary where dreams fly away and worries drift away. I guarantee you that you will take these views with you forever and tell all your friends.

What's more, this modern haven is not only a respite from the world, but also a sustainable sanctuary for future generations. A heat pump and solar panels on the roof make it an environmentally friendly place, reducing its carbon footprint and reflecting a commitment to a greener tomorrow.

In addition to its architectural splendor and luxurious features, the location of this home for rent , is a gift in itself. Located in charming Bydgoszcz, where culture, history and modernity converge, you will find yourself in the heart of a vibrant community with easy access to essential amenities and the city's vibrant charm.

House for rent for NATO employee - JFTC

Take the opportunity to rent a house in Bydgoszcz, find a home for NATO service, experience modern living at its best. This detached house is a testament to your desire for elegance, comfort and tranquility. Let the enchantment of its proximity to the Bydgoszcz Canal, become your story - a tale of experience, joy and the pursuit of a peaceful life. Canal House, this modern oasis is ready to welcome you home - a place where dreams gain momentum and life finds its truest essence. Embark on a journey to your forever home. Welcome to life at its finest.


The Canal House
22 Strzegowska Street,
85-373 Bydgoszcz, Poland